About Us

We are committed to the development of child safety seats

Established as Ta Sing Works in 1966, in the early stage, it mainly focused on plastic blow molding products, such as locomotive fuel tanks, automobile central ducts and other steam locomotive parts. Since 1995, it has been devoted to the development of child safety seats. , And its own brand "SUPER NANNY", in the Taipei World Trade Fair in 1998 to obtain excellent evaluation. In order to focus more on child car seat business, the company changed its name in 2012 to group exhibition baby child seat Co., Ltd. , is committed to the development of its own product design and development and market management and sales, the current sales of child safety seats are suitable for 3 age groups - 9 months or less, 9 months to 4 years old, 4 years old or more. In addition to its own brand in Sales in the market are also favored by customers, and OEM for domestic and foreign customers.

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